At YOUKNOW we help brands and agencies across Africa, efficiently use Marketing Technology Platforms – spanning Social Media Analytics & Insights, Social Media Management and Business Optimisation – to scale their marketing, customer service and research operations with ease.
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YOUKNOW is the African partner to Crimson Hexagon, Lithium Technologies, Stackla and Domo, global leaders in Social Media Insights, Engagement, Social CRM, User-Generated-Content and Business Intelligence.

Measure more than simple volume and sentiment. Work with us to acquire valuable insights from public social opinion:
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Powerful social data analytics
Sophisticated sentiment data
Marketing, research and business insights
Customer segments & audience affinities

Scale your social channel operations to meet the growing demand of your customers:
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Integrated Social CRM
World-class team workflow
Customer Profiling
Automated rules, routing and prioritisation

Stackla is the UGC platform that puts customer stories at the heart of brand marketing
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Stackla helps companies make the shift from brand-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing. By harnessing and showcasing their most compelling customer stories, marketers are able to lift engagement, strengthen consumer trust and drive sales.

Domo’s business management platform brings your entire organisation and all the data it relies on, together in one place
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This allows faster, collaborative, data-driven, decision making.