South African Consumer Trends report


With almost 2.68 billion internet users and only 27% social media penetration, South Africa still has plenty of room for growth. Social data and analytics, however, holds the key for marketers wishing to delve deeper into consumer mindsets to discover what people are really talking about.


In the South African Consumer Trends Report, created in partnership with YOUKNOW, we analysed social conversation across Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums between 2012 and 2017 to extract the most pertinent trends in conversation around the Travel, Entertainment, Fitness and Automotive industries.


Download our consumer report to:

  • Uncover the factors driving holiday making.
  • The most popular type of South African holiday, beach, and bush.
  • Viewership comparisons between Showmax and Netflix.
  • Android vs. iOS in South Africa.
  • ┬áSocial trends and conversation around fitness.

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South African Consumer Trends report 2017

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