Social Tech Buyers’ Check List – White Paper

Buying social media technology has become a diverse and complex pursuit. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You might get slightly confused when presented with the myriad of options available.

There is social listening tech, social engagement & response tech, social marketing tech and even social media influencer tech. The list keeps growing. Also, mergers and partnerships in the industry are something to constantly be aware of.

The Social Tech Buyers' Guide 2019

The definitive Social Tech Buyers Guide – 2019 edition

We’ve decided to outline the way we see the social media technology landscape, in 2019. We’ve provided a simple checklist which can be used internally when choosing which tech platforms to evaluate. This should be done at the highest level possible to ensure that everyone is aligned as to what they actually need and what’s available.

Another important use of this checklist will be to quickly understand that if your organisation needs everything, and that it needs everything at the highest quality level, that there is a cost attached to this and that this budget should be defined upfront before sending your team down the rabbit hole of the various vendor evaluations.

We hope that this white paper acts as a simple guide when asking the right questions, both internally and of your vendors.

YOUKNOW is here to help navigate this journey of buying social media technology. Feel free to send us your checklist. We can assist in advising you which platforms to investigate and why.

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