The Social Media Pocket Guide: How to Improve Digital Customer Engagement

Social Media Marketing & Customer Care for brands isn’t optional anymore but is an essential tool for brands to reach customers on a global scale, gain valuable insights and also grow the brand. It can bring remarkable success for brands by creating long-term, profitable relationships and even drive sales.


Social media has become a two-way conversation between brands and customers as businesses continue to find authentic ways to connect with their customers organically. In this white-paper, Khoros (Lithium + Spredfast) analyse social media marketing and explore how brands are making the most of it through:


  • An analysis of how Social media has evolved and where we are now.
  • A look at social media marketing’s primary goals, best
    practices and pro tips.
  • Explore relevant applications for social marketing.


Download the ‘Social Media Pocket Guide’ to uncover how to better connect with your customers, gain customer loyalty and ultimately drive sales. 


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