How to Identify Your Perfect Influencer with Artificial Intelligence


Influencer marketing is everywhere these days. Scrolling through your social media pages you’ll see countless ads, product placements, and product mentions from top influencers. Sporting athletic wear, the newest gadget, or the hottest travel destination, influencers have a way to, well, influence, consumer behaviour.


Brands, agencies, and industry newcomers have all certainly taken notice and begun to hire these influencers to either grow their buzz, market a specific product, or just maintain high brand exposure. But finding your brand’s perfect influencer may seem like an impossible feat as the influencer pool grows at an astronomical rate.


But it can be simpler than ever for brands. Artificial Intelligence can help companies find their perfect influencer, and track ROI, through:

  • Audience analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Social analysis on ROI of the campaign


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