Disruptive Destinations: A Virgin Holidays Case Study

How Virgin Holidays utilised the Crimson Hexagon Platform to Create a Word’s First in Travel Guides


Disrupting an industry is something all companies dream of doing but few succeed. Big or small, a disruption creates space for rapid growth in a company and can solidify leadership status among their peers. Disruption is the holy grail marketing and strategy teams look for.


Virgin Holidays has never been one to shy away from disruption. They upended the travel industry before with such innovations like the world’s first airport leisure lounge and the Branson Center of Entrepreneurship, disruptions that have made Virgin one of the most beloved brands in the travel industry today.

Virgin Holidays looked again to disrupt the notion of travel guides. Every travel company is constantly telling travelers what to do in their guides, so what if they changed the nature of the guides. Let every traveler who’s been to a destination have a voice. Going further than travel reviews or travel guides, Virgin Holidays launched the Trending Travel Guide, the world’s first socially-aggregated travel guide using the Crimson Hexagon platform.

Download our case study today to find out how the Trending Travel Guide came to be and all the successes that the guide has brought to the Virgin Holidays team.

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