Consumer Trends Report: Financial Technology

FinTech is a relatively new sector in the financial services industry, and because of the industry’s youth, it’s rapidly changing. With so much change, it can be hard for financial services brands to keep up with evolving consumer preferences. Through mobile apps, cryptocurrencies, and challenger banks, the financial services industry is going through a lot of change, and tracking consumer perceptions of these changes can help brands keep up with the times.


Every day, millions of consumers are sharing their opinions about these apps, coins, and banks online. In this report, we analysed these conversations to provide key consumer insights about the current state of the financial technology industry in Europe:

  • The rise, decline, and stabilization of cryptocurrencies
  • How Europeans are utilizing mobile bank apps
  • The growth of challenger banks and why consumers are switching


Download Crimson’s report to discover consumer opinion about these emerging trends in the European financial technology market.


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