Bridging the Gap: Consumer & Marketing Perspectives on Content in the Digital Age


Focusing on both the perspective of the consumer and the marketer, this report this report exposes the gap between consumers want and what marketers believe they’re providing in the age of digital influence.


Stackla surveyed 1,590 consumers and 150 B2C marketers from the US, UK and Austria to understand the types of content consumers create, reference and are influenced by across an array of buying experiences — from travel and dining to automotive and consumer packaged goods (CPG) — while simultaneously exploring the viewpoint of marketers who create content experiences for consumers.


In order to bridge these glaring gaps in perception, marketers need to take note of what global consumers have repeatedly declared throughout this report: all content is not created equal. The authenticity and influence of user-generated content is unmatched, and UGC visuals are the most craved and created by consumers.


Not only would it benefit marketers to prioritize their use of the consumer-created visuals people seek, but the sheer abundance of these freely available visuals have the immense potential to lower the high costs most brands currently pay for content while also solving one of their greatest content and personalization challenges: producing enough engaging visuals at a fast enough frequency.


With the overwhelming majority of consumers now seeking, trusting, posting and acting on consumer-created content, it’s clear brands can no longer simply rely on staged, stock and influencer images to break through the noise and establish meaningful connections with today’s consumers who increasingly crave authentic and personalization.


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