Brand Comparison: Apple vs Samsung

Using social media data to compare consumer sentiment about two top technology companies


In the personal technology industry, Apple and Samsung are at the top of the heap. Both offer smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, in the race to the top, the brands are more than the products they offer. Other factors like brand reputation and customer loyalty also play a significant role in determining which brand reigns supreme.


With so many factors to consider, a side-by-side brand comparison can help us better understand how the brands perform in comparison to one another and where they each need to improve.


In this brand comparison guide, we analysed millions of consumer conversations to provide key insights about where these technology companies win and where they need to improve:


  • Which brand is discussed more and when does conversation rise and fall
  • Standout products for each brand
  • Key drivers for negative and positive sentiment
  • Each brand’s key audiences


Download our guide to discover consumer opinions about two of the most dominant technology companies in the United States to see which one wins out over the other.

Download the Case Study

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