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‘Mayweather vs McGregor’ the social conversation.

In what is being called the biggest fight in the history of sports entertainment, boxing legend, Floyd “Money” Mayweather will square off with the prolific UFC champ “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. An event of this magnitude does not come without a whirlwind of activity on Social media, and we at YOUKNOW have put our snorkels […]

Game of Thrones totally eclipsed.

Over the last 48 hours two major social media events took place and by using Crimson Hexagon we were able to take an in-depth look at the global reactions and conversations being expressed regarding the #Solareclipse2017 and #GameOfThrones season 7 Americans across the country took to the streets and stadiums, sporting protective glasses, to witness […]

Go beyond text analysis with Crimson Hexagon’s Image Analytics.

Crimsons Hexagon’s new image analytics feature now allows marketers to collect and analyse visual conversations about any topic, brand or product. With more than 1.8 billion photos being shared on social media the shift towards analysing visual social conversations becomes even more apparent. As visual conversations continue to grow, it is vitally important that companies […]

OUTsurance video sparks outrage.

OUTsurance made headlines this weekend by publishing a video for Father’s day on Twitter and Facebook which was not representative of South Africa’s demographics. The video featured mostly white dads and one black father. The advert landed the company in hot water, where the public took to Twitter and slated the insurer for their ‘racist’ […]

Social listening around #Capestorm

With Cape Town being declared a disaster zone during the worst drought the province has experienced since 1904, we had a look at what Capetonians and the rest of South Africa had to say as they weathered the #Capestorm Using Crimson Hexagon, we uncovered the following: Although many Capetonians battened down the hatches in preparation […]

Social change: The Syrian refugee crisis

The Syrian Civil War was on the brink of eruption particularly after the 2011 pro-democratic protest. This violence then spread to different regions of Syria until it finally reached the capital: Damascus, where it  escalated. With more than 90,000 reported dead by the end of June 2013; just 2 years after it had begun, millions […]

Netflix vs Showmax Launch conversation analysis

If history does in fact repeat itself then perhaps we can take a page out of the Australian book. Netflix launched in Australia on 31 March 2015, against some fierce local competition: Presto, Stan and Quickflix. The struggle for top viewership came down to three things: variety and streaming quality of content, data usage and […]

RWC2015 SA vs JPN Topics

Social Media Analysis of Japan vs South Africa #RWC2015 – RSA reacts

South Africans have very high expectations when it comes to how our sports teams perform, especially the 3 giants – rugby, cricket & soccer. This deep, ingrained passion also makes sports an easy target for hijacking by political & other personal agendas as we saw leading up to the first SA game of the Rugby […]

Beer and Craft Beer in South Africa

Beer vs Craft Beer – South Africans are voting on Social Media

South Africa: we’re a proud, beer-loving nation. Everyone has their favourites, but with the craft beer revolution upon us, the choices have become more complicated. Fortunately, these choices are something that we, the public, are happy to express in the public forums of our chosen social networks. Having a look at the public opinion and conversation around Beer in […]