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Self-service Business Intelligence and the democratisation of data.

  What is self-service BI? Self-service BI is a rising trend amongst data savvy organisations. This growing trend is due to a demand of increased flexibility and self-reliance in analysing and reporting on organisational business data.   What this means is that companies don’t solely want to rely on IT Departments or Analysts when it […]

Analyst Role: Visual Reporting & Consumer Insights

Want a job in the Global MarTech industry? Come and work with us We, at YOUKNOW, are looking to expand the team. If you’re keen to try something brand new and get into the exciting and growing global industry of Marketing Technology, then this is going to be a great way to do it.   […]

‘Mayweather vs McGregor’ the social conversation.

In what is being called the biggest fight in the history of sports entertainment, boxing legend, Floyd “Money” Mayweather will square off with the prolific UFC champ “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. An event of this magnitude does not come without a whirlwind of activity on Social media, and we at YOUKNOW have put our snorkels […]

Go beyond text analysis with Crimson Hexagon’s Image Analytics.

Crimsons Hexagon’s new image analytics feature now allows marketers to collect and analyse visual conversations about any topic, brand or product. With more than 1.8 billion photos being shared on social media the shift towards analysing visual social conversations becomes even more apparent. As visual conversations continue to grow, it is vitally important that companies […]

OUTsurance video sparks outrage.

OUTsurance made headlines this weekend by publishing a video for Father’s day on Twitter and Facebook which was not representative of South Africa’s demographics. The video featured mostly white dads and one black father. The advert landed the company in hot water, where the public took to Twitter and slated the insurer for their ‘racist’ […]

Social listening around #Capestorm

With Cape Town being declared a disaster zone during the worst drought the province has experienced since 1904, we had a look at what Capetonians and the rest of South Africa had to say as they weathered the #Capestorm Using Crimson Hexagon, we uncovered the following: Although many Capetonians battened down the hatches in preparation […]

Welcome to a new world of insight – HelioSight!

The Crimson Hexagon Team has once again simplified social media analytics. Finding important insights is now as simple as searching on Google. The logic behind HelioSight is to allow you, the user, access to quick social data on demand. With a simple search on HelioSight you’re able to pull a comprehensive 30 day snapshot of […]

Brand impact in social media

There is no better way to gain honest feedback than through a social network. Your brand or organisation is being spoken about – like it or not – and this is a great thing! Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money on focus groups and surveys; you have massive amounts of unsolicited, nuanced opinion right at your […]

e-Book: Social Analytics in the Agency Campaign Lifecycle

A crucial element in The Agency has been an understanding of their clients and the landscape in which they play. Today, with the sheer amount of unstructured data available, pinpointing the right conversation has become paramount. Data analysis is a driving force of any agency work, from truly understanding a brand to the nuances of […]

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon adds Tumblr to it’s impressive list of data sources

Crimson Hexagon, the social analytics software company – to which youKnow Digital are resale partners, recently announced their new data partnership with Tumblr. This partnership allows Crimson Hexagon clients firehose access to Tumblr’s public conversations, adding to the existing list of data sources which includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Sino Weibo, Google+, YouTube, blogs, forums, review sites […]