Manage social customer engagement at scale

Lithium’s social media management tool helps manage the explosion of social customer care responses without sacrificing quality.

  • Role-based UI give customer service agents, supervisors, managers, and publishers unique functionality for each role.
  • Goodbye to cumbersome columns and stacks. Agents work from a single,  unified inbox. No guesswork required.
  • Post content, social pictures, and video to create more dynamic interactions with customers. Monitor the success of your posts with at-a-glance metrics.
  • Create cases, view customer profiles, and track complete interaction histories. Never lose sight of the larger customer picture.
  • Speed agent response times and standardise replies using the built-in knowledge base and response
  • Social posts are automatically routed to the best agent based on pre-defined skill sets. Easily reassign posts to another agent or work queue

Drive Powerful Earned Media

  • Workflow: Every incoming social post is automatically routed to the most appropriate work queue or agent for prompt resolution based on criteria you define
  • Automation: Posts receive language, source, and content tags so messages land in the correct work queue. Gone are the days of manually assigning each post. That gets old. Really fast.
  • Notification & alerts: Set up email and mobile notifications. Receive immediate alerts when messages, priorities, or work queues change.
  • Conversation Threading: Consistency counts. Lithium Social Web will always route customer replies back to the original agent before looking for another available agent.
  • Prioritisation: Posts are scanned and assigned priorities based on customised keywords so agents work the most important issues first.

Lithium Case Studies

After 6 months of using LSW, TWC improved their social response rate by 30%.  Download to see how they did it.

By using Lithium Social Web, Moneygram decreased their social media response times by 93%.

Download this eBook full of Lithium Customer Success Stories and case studies.

Lithium Customers