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Ways to excel at AI marketing

  AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business, it can also change the way that you do marketing. Artificial intelligence marketing is a method of using customer data and AI concepts such as machine learning to track customer behaviour and anticipate their next move to improve customer experience. It combines human […]

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Lithium Social Response now supports WhatsApp for Business

Engage with your customers where they live, with WhatsApp for Business.   In this age of millennials and digital natives, businesses need to gear up when it comes to managing customer support queries. This is due to the ever-increasing demand from consumers for speedy responses to queries and engagement through their prefered online and social channels. […]

Is Social Customer Care at the heart of your social strategy?

  It is no secret that social media has earned its rightful place as a key customer care channel over voice, face-to-face interactions and email. In fact, 90% of social media users have indicated that they have actively engaged with a brand on at least one social channel, before, during and after a sale.   […]