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Domo a solution for every role – Marketing

  As a marketer, you need real-time data to make intelligent decisions about your campaigns and your business. Unfortunately, that information lives in a variety of disconnected systems — making it difficult to get a holistic view of your campaign performance.  With Domo, you can pull any source of data into a single, intuitive platform. […]

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Self-service Business Intelligence and the democratisation of data.

  What is self-service BI? Self-service BI is a rising trend amongst data savvy organisations. This growing trend is due to a demand of increased flexibility and self-reliance in analysing and reporting on organisational business data.   What this means is that companies don’t solely want to rely on IT Departments or Analysts when it […]

Are your strategic business decisions driven by data or intuition?

    Today’s Data-driven businesses utilise data to inform strategic business decisions. Data is collected and analysed from multiple data sources across all departments in order to consistently drive results and improve skill sets.   Then why do most top executives still rely on gut feel when making important business decisions?   Gut feel seems […]

Domo a solution for every role – Finance

  As a finance expert, you need to deliver more than numbers. But without the right tools, getting real-time numbers can feel a lot like growing money on trees—impossible. Financial reporting can be a rather stressful task. Having to consolidate reports based on backdated spreadsheets and data affects the quality of your work and can […]


  The wait is over, Domo has officially landed!   On Thursday, 28th of June, business heads and tech-whizzes gathered at the Equinox venue in Sandton, as YOUKNOW hosted a launch event for Domo ZA, an operating system for data-driven businesses. The event focused on ‘Digital Transformation and Organisational Change’, with speakers,  Annie Symington, Kelvin […]