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Running out of ideas (and time) for Father’s Day?

  We’ve done the legwork for you by pulling together thousands of social posts, analysing what people are saying about Father’s Day, and rounding up some of the best competitions, offers and suggestions across the country for 2019.   Using the search terms (“father’s day” OR “fathers day” OR fathersday) in Crimson Hexagon, we built […]

Vizia Now Available for Crimson Hexagon

In a world where information moves at lightning speed, brands need to be consistently at the top of their game. You need a real-time window into the world while having full visibility on the customer voice and marketing performance. This is easier said than done. What if there was a product that could enable you […]

Global Citizen Festival 2018

  All roads led to FNB Stadium  this past Sunday as global citizens gathered to celebrate Mandela’s 100th year festival, organized and hosted by Global Citizen in partnership with the Motsepe foundation. Attendees blew up twitter as they expressed their excitement to see ‘King B’ and her Husband, Jay Z perform at the event. A […]

Momentum Saga: Social Conversation Analysis

  Health and insurance group, Momentum has come under fire for refusing to pay R2.4 million to Nathan Ganas’ family, saying he failed to disclose his health condition before his death. Not only did they refuse to pay the R2,4 million life insurance payout, but they also initially demanded that Denise Ganas repay the R50 […]

Why Forum Data Can’t be Ignored in FinTech

  Online forums, broad like Reddit or narrow and industry-specific, are incredibly valuable resources of consumer insights, and nowhere is this clearer than in the fintech industry. Analyzing consumer conversations in the financial tech industry reveals that forums are a consumer-favorite for expressing their opinions, deeper and more varied than their traditional social media counterparts. […]

The Rise of the Hi-Tech Home

  We are officially living in a new-age digital era of the smart home. These hi-tech living spaces represent some of the latest in cutting-edge AI technology, and they’re gearing up to sweep the world. Smart home brands will be expected to focus on offerings that form an entire ecosystem for the home, including whole […]

Crimson Hexagon Announces Cutting Edge Reverse Image Search Capability

  Crimson Hexagon, the leading provider of AI-Powered Consumer Insights, announces new reverse image search capabilities.   The first in the industry to offer this advanced feature, Crimson Hexagon extends its technology leadership in AI and image analytics, allowing analysts to search by picture, instead of text, across Crimson Hexagon’s data library. Results include exact […]

Home is where the AI is

  Gone are the days when consumers had to manually adjust the thermostat in their homes or walk across the room to turn on a light. Now, all it takes is shouting some commands to a voice assistant to adjust lighting, monitor security systems, control heating and air conditioning, and turn on entertainment applications like […]

Nike’s 30th anniversary Campaign

  To commemorate Nike’s 30th anniversary of its iconic “Just do it” campaign, Nike has released a series of striking black-and-white ads featuring tennis champion Serena Williams, pro-skateboarder Lacey Baker, and NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. It’s most controversial placard was a close-up image of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick overlaid with the message: “Believe […]

Tabasco Sauce

The power of social analytics

Social Analytics has provided an opportunity for brands not only connect with their audience, but to also identify new opportunities for them to expand and grow. Tabasco is the perfect example of how social analytics could impact a brand. A year ago, YOUKNOW did some digging on how people prefer to consume Tabasco Sauce. With […]