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New Brandwatch Consumer Research launches

  Evolve or die. Things change quickly in our digital and social worlds. It’s easy to fall behind if you’re not keeping up with changing trends, compliance and opportunities. The Social Intelligence space has changed dramatically in the last few years and many of those changes have been driven by: expectations from the market, governance […]

Getting Social this Easter

Getting Social this Easter

  As people tweet about the long weekend ahead, they have shown the most interest in the following topics: hot cross buns, road safety and chocolate. A total of 2175 posts have been pulled from 2007 people who are talking about the Easter weekend.   In fact, we had a closer look at what South […]

5 Ways to Offer Great Digital Customer Experience

  Digital customer experience is the sum of digital interactions a customer has with a brand online. It focuses on meeting expectations across all digital touchpoints that benefit the customer.   As most markets around the world have become saturated, producing unique products and offering exceptional customer service has become more important than producing brilliant […]

Efficient Ways to Respond to a Social Media Crisis

  The rise of online media has seen an increase of easily available information. This has prompted a rise in the channels available for correspondence between the brand and the customer,  which means brands should participate in social media management.   While the advancement of social media has profoundly affected the communication of brands, the […]

6 ways to transform your marketing with integrated data

  There are more accessible tools at our disposal but only a few that allow us to bring data sources together in an effective way and this is when integrated marketing becomes an important factor. Brandwatch uses Vizia, data visualization product, to provide marketers with a tool that organises disparate data sources into a holistic view.  […]

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Brandwatch appoints YOUKNOW as African channel partner

    After 4 years of supporting Crimson Hexagon in Africa as well as the successful merger of Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon in 2018, YOUKNOW Digital has been appointed as the official distribution partner to Brandwatch.   Work to integrate the two products are already underway, and cross-pollination of features are already being seen, such […]

Why Are You Still Wasting Time on Manual Reporting?

  We all hate reporting but it is necessary for marketers to track results and measure the work they do. The process is often time-consuming and involves multiple unautomated and unintegrated steps. What’s more is that once the report is completed, Departments Heads and business units are left questioning who has read the report and […]