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Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch have Merged

  A defining moment as Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch announce their merger   With Lithium and Spredfast announcing their merger in September this year, October was also full of surprises as social listening giants Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch announced their merger on the 4th October.   The combined power of Crimson’s historical data, advanced AI, and machine learning together with […]

The CMO Challenge webinar series: Does your marketing really work?

  Software company Domo, a leading cloud-based operating system for business, will be hosting a series of webinars presenting solutions to some of the biggest obstacles facing marketing teams today.   CMO’s are currently facing huge challenges of having to respond to ever-evolving consumer behaviours, new technologies and volatile industries. Not only are they responsible […]

Home is where the AI is

  Gone are the days when consumers had to manually adjust the thermostat in their homes or walk across the room to turn on a light. Now, all it takes is shouting some commands to a voice assistant to adjust lighting, monitor security systems, control heating and air conditioning, and turn on entertainment applications like […]

Nike’s 30th anniversary Campaign

  To commemorate Nike’s 30th anniversary of its iconic “Just do it” campaign, Nike has released a series of striking black-and-white ads featuring tennis champion Serena Williams, pro-skateboarder Lacey Baker, and NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. It’s most controversial placard was a close-up image of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick overlaid with the message: “Believe […]

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The power of social analytics

Social Analytics has provided an opportunity for brands not only connect with their audience, but to also identify new opportunities for them to expand and grow. Tabasco is the perfect example of how social analytics could impact a brand. A year ago, YOUKNOW did some digging on how people prefer to consume Tabasco Sauce. With […]


The secret to customer loyalty – Content that helps

Pouring resources into getting customers but not into retention is ineffective. It takes time for new customers to become profitable. A Bain & Co. study titled “The Value of Online Customer Loyalty” found the average online apparel shopper wasn’t profitable for the retailer until he or she had shopped at the site four times, meaning […]

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Data-driven marketing essentials: Four things every marketer needs to do

  The days of gut-instinct marketing are over. Today, marketing is expected to execute with precision and optimize across the funnel in every effort. Here are four things every marketer needs to do in order to be innovative:   Close the loop: Instead of being overwhelmed with data from various sources—social, email, CRM, ads, and more […]

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Domo a solution for every role – Marketing

  As a marketer, you need real-time data to make intelligent decisions about your campaigns and your business. Unfortunately, that information lives in a variety of disconnected systems — making it difficult to get a holistic view of your campaign performance.  With Domo, you can pull any source of data into a single, intuitive platform. […]

Is Social Customer Care at the heart of your social strategy?

  It is no secret that social media has earned its rightful place as a key customer care channel over voice, face-to-face interactions and email. In fact, 90% of social media users have indicated that they have actively engaged with a brand on at least one social channel, before, during and after a sale.   […]

Boost your email campaigns performance with authentic User-Generated-Content.

  It is no surprise that email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools that marketers have at their disposal. In a recent survey published by Ascend2 – 2017 Digital Marketing plans survey, email marketing placed second at 52% as being the most cost-effective marketing channel, with websites leading the way at 63 […]