Thumb Wars: Social Listening Guide to Managing Campaigns, Scandals, and Viral Moments

  What are the commonalities between Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad and Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak? How can brands take advantage of opportunities to create a viral moment?   These are all questions that marketers spend a great deal of time thinking about. But thinking isn’t enough — you need data. Analyzing the social media conversations that have sprung up around the biggest brand scandals …

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Consumer Trends Report: Consumer Packaged Goods

  Consumer packaged goods is an incredibly diverse industry, with products anywhere from groceries and alcohol to makeup and cosmetics. Some categories are dominated by a few brands and some have so much competition that consumers may not know where to start. To stand out in a crowded field, brands must keep up with consumer opinion if they want to stay relevant.   Millions of opinions a …

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5-Minute Guide to Competitive Intelligence

European brands need to know their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the competition. The voice of the consumer is one of the best ways to do that.   Social media data offers an endless stream of details about how consumers feel about your competition’s branding, products, and campaigns. With consumer insights on the competition, brands in Europe can develope a much clearer understandin …

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5-Minute Guide to Campaign Analysis

It isn’t easy to track the true impact of a marketing campaign. Modern digital marketing makes it easy to track clicks, views, and likes, but what about the big picture?   Online consumer conversations can serve as a real-time focus group that can add powerful insights to traditional campaign measurement. Consumer discussion on social media presents a massive data set to help marketers in Eur …

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The Brand’s Guide to Modern Consumer Insights

In this Modern Consumer Insights Guide, we’ll explore what’s driving this “golden age” of consumer insights, and how brands can tap into it. The importance of consumer insights has held steady since the dawn of advertising, but the sources and methods of uncovering these insights have changed dramatically. The explosion of data from social media, public online sources, and the enterprise combined …

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Brands guide to modern consumer insights

South African Consumer Trends report

  With almost 2.68 billion internet users and only 27% social media penetration, South Africa still has plenty of room for growth. Social data and analytics, however, holds the key for marketers wishing to delve deeper into consumer mindsets to discover what people are really talking about.   In the South African Consumer Trends Report, created in partnership with YOUKNOW, we analysed so …

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South African Consumer Trends report 2017

3 Practical ways to build brand advocates via customer service

Customer experience and care drive a large amount of brand and product social conversation which ultimately influence purchasing decisions. Has your company checked all the boxes regarding your customer care strategies and aligned this with social media marketing efforts, yet something is still missing? Read on to explore three straightforward tips on how to link customer service, pre-sales care a …

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Lithium 3 ways to build brand advocacy via Customer service

Forgotten Women in Tech History

View Domo’s presentation on Forgotten Women in Tech History, it’s a great read. Having more women in tech, and recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments that began over a century ago and continue today, is vital to producing a more powerful future. But just how big of a role did women play in shaping technology? You may be surprised. For more information on Domo’s Business Intelligence Sol …

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Cover image: Forgotten Woman in tech History

Standard Bank: Crimson Hexagon video testimonial

Consumer expectations for financial services have changed drastically over the past decade. The rise of online banking and finance apps were just the beginning, as new services and technologies accelerate changes in the industry. View our case study to uncover how Crimson Hexagon social analytics platform, allows Standard Bank South Africa to uncover consumer insights that drive their business str …

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Standard Bank_CH video testimonial

South African Airways: Crimson Hexagon video testimonial

View our South African Airways: Crimson Hexagon case study to find out how South African Airways utilises analytics and insights to inform business decisions and marketing operations. Crimson Hexagon social analytics platform, allows travel brands to uncover consumer insights to understand what travellers want and how to keep them coming back. View our blog for similar content and subscribe to our …

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Cover image: South African Airways_Crimson Hexagon case study

BI Survey Report 2017_Infographic

The Business Intelligence Survey report 2017 is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users. Domo was awarded top honours, achieving thirteen top-ranked positions and twenty-seven leadership positions amongst its peers in the Dashboarding-Focused products as well as Self-service reporting focused products. Domo is an operating system …

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2017 BI Survey infographic cover image

The BI Solutions report 2017

The BI Solutions Report 2017 is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users. The survey was conducted from February to June 2017. In total, 3,066 people responded to the survey, with 2,564 answering a series of detailed questions about their usage of a named product.  Altogether, 42 products (or groups of products) are analyzed in det …

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BI Solutions Report 2017 cover image

3 ways to step up your Financial Reporting

As a finance expert, you need to deliver more than numbers. But without the right tools, getting real-time numbers can feel a lot like growing money on trees—impossible. Financial reporting can be a rather stressful task. Having to consolidate reports based on backdated spreadsheets and data affects the quality of your work and can end in making incorrect decisions. Getting all the information you …

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White Paper on 3 Ways to step up your Financial Reporting

BI & Analytics is the Top CFO Initiative

According to Gartner, 78% of CFOs have labelled BI as the top CFO tech initiative for their departments— beating out even financial management. So what’s driving the CFO demand for BI and analytics? Enjoy the read with a great cup of coffee while you discover why Domo is the answer. View our blog for similar content or subscribe to our newsletter for more Industry related news and content.   …

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Cover image of BI a Top CFO Initiative