5 Ways to Offer Great Digital Customer Experience


Digital customer experience is the sum of digital interactions a customer has with a brand online. It focuses on meeting expectations across all digital touchpoints that benefit the customer.


As most markets around the world have become saturated, producing unique products and offering exceptional customer service has become more important than producing brilliant content and creative packaging. The following changes can help brands improve their digital strategy and customer experience:


  1. Get to Know your Customer

With the amount of data accessible to us right now, it is easy to get information about your customer by designing personas and doing proper customer research. Your starting point will be your customer-facing teams then your CRM and then investing in online research tools such as Brandwatch to get a deeper understanding of who you are targeting.


  1. Educate your Team

Not everyone in the organisation will understand the significance of digital customer experience, but it is important for the organisation to take it upon itself to educate the team.


  1. Integrate your Marketing Data Stack

Most marketers around the world rely on different marketing tools to integrate data which takes longer to get results as they have to aggregate data and insights manually. Tools such as Brandwatch Vizia make the process easier by centring the data which will help you spot issues more quickly through viewing data sources in tandem.


  1. Review and Optimise your Digital Assets

Your website is like a storefront, therefore, you only have one chance to make an impression. It’s important to optimise it across all digital devices to give your customers a great mobile experience. There is definitely no point of investing in customer experience if the web experience isn’t responsive.


  1. Iterate and Innovate

As new technological ways of interaction such as verbal intelligence and AI are developed daily to improve the way we interact with technology, it is important to always be ahead with new learnings to help you adjust quickly when a new technology wave hits.


To expand your knowledge on building a digital business, read the guide here or send us an email sales@youknow.co.za for more information.


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