6 ways to transform your marketing with integrated data


There are more accessible tools at our disposal but only a few that allow us to bring data sources together in an effective way and this is when integrated marketing becomes an important factor. Brandwatch uses Vizia, data visualization product, to provide marketers with a tool that organises disparate data sources into a holistic view. 


With integrated marketing data, organisations are seeing increased developments, effective reporting and effectiveness for time and spend. Below are the benefits of this strategy and how you and your team can start implementing this today:


1. Bring clarity to you customer journey

Everyone wants to get close to the customer with the aim to improve customer experience without realising that customer-journey is fragmented and tracking it takes a lot of time and effort. On the flip side though, customers aren’t bothered by how how complicated their journey is and this keeps brands on their toes considering the large amounts of offerings customers have.


The first step into integrated marketing data will be to identify your customers touchpoints and notice that the journey will depend on the persona and product. Brandwatch Analytics enables you to conduct powerful research and segmentation by looking at behaviour, preferences and motivations. It is also important to note that, you need to know your personas well, so that it is easier for you to understand them and reach them when you need to.


2. Protect yourself from danger

Access to information is almost democratized now and, with 350 000 tweets posted per minute, it is very vital for brands to get an integrated marketing strategy. This allows them to prepare for possible events of crisis when they access their key data sources in real time. Access to real time data makes a crisis easier to control and manage


3. Enable your team to be truly data driven

One of the keys to being data driven is finding cluttered data and reorganising it, as data is everywhere and this can create a sense of disillusionment. Leading marketers are more than twice as likely as the mainstream to say that they routinely make an informed move based on the recommendations from analytics. Integrated marketing has challenges which can be overcome by using tools like Vizia. This tool allows your team to have access to the same data no matter where they may be in the world.


4. Be more agile

Being agile has become important as the world is moving faster. With that, integrated marketing and Vizia can help surface opportunities quicker by being able to view data sources abreast. Integrated data allows you to engage with customers in real time and when combined with agile marketing and real time marketing, it helps optimize offers based on the customer stage.


5. Make smarter investments

Marketers are consistently battling the clock and that isn’t about to change. What can change though is the time wasted investing in desperate tools and sources. As a marketer, it is important to have a connected and comprehensive view of your data so that you can get a high level overview of your data performance. This allows you to track all data and if anything isn’t working, you’ll know about it almost immediately.


6. Look beyond traditional sources and successes

Brands are not remembered for good marketing but for innovation and creativity, therefore, the beauty of an integrated data approach is that by optimizing other areas of your marketing, your team will have time to apply previous learnings to get better results. Let’s take for example, the spotify 2016 campaign highlighted listener habits and put them in a billboard and this showed an understanding of their customer and most importantly, using the data they collected. As different approaches work for different brands, Vizia is the tool to help bring both your data sources and team together globally.


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