Why Are You Still Wasting Time on Manual Reporting?


We all hate reporting but it is necessary for marketers to track results and measure the work they do. The process is often time-consuming and involves multiple unautomated and unintegrated steps. What’s more is that once the report is completed, Departments Heads and business units are left questioning who has read the report and which facets were most interesting and provided the most benefit?

Brandwatch analytics report flaw


Brandwatch has solved this problem with Vizia Enterprise reporting. Vizia Enterprise Reporting is an entirely new way of delivery data insights, saving time, increasing productivity and driving results.


With Vizia Enterprise Reporting marketers are able to:

  • Integrate their data, allowing users to connect their key social, marketing, and customer data sources effortlessly.


Brandwatch analytics integration


  • Build and create beautiful dashboards and visualisations that make the data easier to consume.


Brandwatch analytics Build


  • Share that data with relevant stakeholders and departments and one step further (which is the most exciting part)


Brandwatch Analytics share


  • Measure the reach of the reports they are creating.


Brandwatch Analytics measure


Not only has Brandwatch made report sharing easier through their share by email capability but with Vizia Enterprise Reporting, users are also able to analyse key internal metrics, such as how many times a report has been opened and what content has been viewed the most.  Marketers now have the ability to understand what content is landing in order to solely focus on the work that is delivering value.


Along with the ability to measure report effectiveness, Brandwatch has also introduced two new integrations: Facebook and Instagram Ads and Facebook page Insights, which visualize key metric components from your Facebook and Instagram campaigns and ads as well as track your Business page insights, with over 130 different metrics.


For more information on Vizia Enterprise Reporting, click on the link to read the full article.

Or watch this quick overview below..

Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch

Vizia Enterprise Reporting is also available to Crimson Hexagon clients. When Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch announced their merger in October 2018, the combined company promised new levels of innovation for their customers. Brandwatch’s Vizia offers data visualizations of Crimson Hexagon data so that Crimson Hexagon customers benefit from this Brandwatch offering.


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