Home is where the AI is


Gone are the days when consumers had to manually adjust the thermostat in their homes or walk across the room to turn on a light. Now, all it takes is shouting some commands to a voice assistant to adjust lighting, monitor security systems, control heating and air conditioning, and turn on entertainment applications like a smart TV.


In fact, when we analyzed the consumer conversation about smart homes, we learned that it’s not one discussion, but five. According to social media data, there are five categories of smart home devices, and they all elicit markedly different opinions:



With the help of digital technologies, consumers are no longer in the dark about how to control lighting in their homes. Top consumer concerns about lighting include energy efficiency, levels (how bright the lights are), and mood lighting. 






Security applications in smart homes can provide peace of mind, but also stoke fears around privacy and hacking. Main discussion topics include fear of being hacked, cameras used for monitoring systems, and wirelessness.



Heating and Cooling

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is essential to any consumer who wants a comfortable home and being able to control heating and cooling through apps provides greater convenience. Consumers discuss thermostats, the brand Nest, and Amazon Alexa.


Voice Assistants

There has been a huge growth in conversations around voice assistants over the past three years. The dominant topics are Amazon Echo, Google Home, and speakers.




Entertainment has lagged behind the other categories in terms of popularity in recent years, as “smart” TVs haven’t been fully integrated into the larger smart home ecosystem. They see people dictate the current trends on what they would like to see.


By analyzing consumer conversations on smart homes, brands can understand what is driving consumer adoption, which smart home applications are the most useful and why, and how consumer opinion is evolving on this new technology. Consumers are becoming a lot more open to trying out new age home electronics and this sector is gradually growing and evolving. 


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