The power of social analytics

Tabasco Sauce

Social Analytics has provided an opportunity for brands not only connect with their audience, but to also identify new opportunities for them to expand and grow. Tabasco is the perfect example of how social analytics could impact a brand. A year ago, YOUKNOW did some digging on how people prefer to consume Tabasco Sauce. With the help of the Crimson Hexagon social analytics tool, we monitored conversations around Tabasco sauce from Jan 2013, and we were able to uncover that other that the usual mains that Tabasco is paired with, such as Oysters, salads and pizza, people were unusually pairing Tobasco with Popcorn. This turned out to be a peaking trend worldwide.

Well now having some hot sauce in your popcorn bag is so much easier as Tabasco has officially added ‘Tabasco Popcorn’ to their product range, due to the power of social insights! The popcorn comes in two flavours, Sweet Chilli Cheese and Sweet Chilli BBQ, and is surely going to be a hit in the market.

Tabasco insights

Insights gathered on Tabasco through Crimson Hexagon.


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