The secret to customer loyalty – Content that helps

Pouring resources into getting customers but not into retention is ineffective. It takes time for new customers to become profitable. A Bain & Co. study titled “The Value of Online Customer Loyalty” found the average online apparel shopper wasn’t profitable for the retailer until he or she had shopped at the site four times, meaning the retailer had to retain the customer for 12 months just to break even.


What Makes Customer Experience Great?

Great customer care comes down to helping people find what they need, inspiring them and making their lives a little easier.  For online, content is your driving point. Investigation of analytics data commonly shows customers are getting lost and do not find their way back to where you want them to be and, more important, where they want to be. This leads to the assumption that content is hurting conversion, but in reality the problem might arise from the fact that the content is completely separated and is creating a dead end for the customer journey.


Commerce that comes to you is a whole new approach to commerce, one that requires a completely new way of thinking. Commerce could “come to you” in a number of ways — through interface-free internet of things devices or, possibly, smart mirrors that suggest what clothes you should wear (and what accessories to buy).


Content Is Gold Dust

When you focus on the customer experience, you won’t see instant results. Finding the right approach will not be as straightforward as you might hope it would be. You need forward-thinking IT and marketing teams who are bold enough to try new experiences, and they will need the right tools so they can experiment, measure and iterate. 


Content is truly gold dust when building relationships with your customers. Whether you are helping shoppers find presents for their kids by offering guidance about what’s cool (or not) in middle school these days, or making it clear that a certain lens will work with a new camera, or showing you share their values by highlighting the sustainability of your products, or offering a step-by-step tutorial on faucet repair, good content makes you a brand that helps.


For an in-depth understanding read the full article by Ivo Bronsveld, titled ‘The Secret to Customer Loyalty – Content that helps


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