Crimson Hexagon gets Facebook and Instagram data turned back on.



After several weeks of investigation, we are pleased to announce that Facebook and Instagram data has been reinstated on the Crimson Hexagon platform and customers will now be able to once again have full access to those data sources.



Facebook announced the suspension of Crimson Hexagon on 20th June 2018 pending an investigation into how Crimson Hexagon makes use of the data it gathers. This is amidst global heated discussions on how public social data is being accessed and used by social analytics companies.


As Crimson Hexagon’s official partners in Africa, we have always been confident that Crimson Hexagon’s use of social data has been correct and ethical and we were in full support of the investigation. We are most of all appreciative and humbled by our clients and partners who showed their support and patience during this period.


Read the full statement delivered by Crimson Hexagon here as well as CNN’s article on Crimson Hexagon’s reinstatement.

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