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As a marketer, you need real-time data to make intelligent decisions about your campaigns and your business. Unfortunately, that information lives in a variety of disconnected systems — making it difficult to get a holistic view of your campaign performance. 

With Domo, you can pull any source of data into a single, intuitive platform. This enables you to see your data in context and leverage it in ways never before possible.


Bring all your data together.

Domo connects to all the marketing data you care about so you can centre strategic discussions around real-time data, and clearly demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the bottom line. You’re able to connect all the marketing data you need, prepare and visualize it to suit your needs and you can ask questions and take action where your data lives.


What you can do in Domo.

To be a data-driven marketer, you need to tie every single lead, customer, and dollar back to the marketing initiative that created them—and ultimately, revenue. Domo gives you a big picture view, allowing you to combine campaign and channel metrics to data from other departments to measure impact.  You’re able to visualize campaign performance and gain insights in real time. You can also track campaigns and measure ROI.

Everything is customizable and Domo helps you measure what matters to you on the platform ensuring that you are able to make decisions with confidence. Whether you’re providing information to executives or depending on data for your own analysis, Domo helps everyone make faster, better-informed decisions.


The relationship between marketers and data

Data is changing the very essence of marketing. Gone are the days of hunches and going with your gut. The integration of intelligence into decision-making has become a marketing imperative, leading to marketing that’s more efficient, connected, and impactful.

At every turn, you need data—and lots of it. But in the past decade alone, marketing data has gone through a dramatic shift: instead of being too difficult to obtain, data is now too difficult to maintain. Domo conducted a survey which revealed the troubles that marketers are having with data, we have summarised the results below:



28% of marketers have said that they rely on marketing data to do their jobs well. But 46% have revealed that they do not have access to the information they need to excel in their roles. 63% of marketers have said that they can not access their data in real-time.


Marketers are missing information in their reports.

Above are all the things that marketers have identified as ‘missing’ information from the data that they receive and process.



One reason why it’s important for marketers to have access to data is that many are responsible for their department’s ROI. CEO’s and senior management expect marketers to produce data-driven results. They expect accurate reporting around ROI, which then tends to be a difficult task for marketers, as they do not receive all the necessary data required for them to efficiently report on ROI. From the responses, 72% believe that email marketing is easier to report on and a total of 63% say that they struggle to report on social media ROI.


Majority of marketers are held accountable for ROI, but a total of 49% struggle with measuring it. Management expects these group of people to create the perfect pie, but only supplies them with spoilt or incorrect ingredients to make this pie delicious.


The top 5 reasons why marketers aren’t consuming more data.


Marketers face a number of troubles regarding accessing the right data. This makes their job even harder as they spend a lot of time trying to reconcile all the necessary data for them to report. Investing in an efficient and smart tool speeds-up processes and delivers accurate information across the board.






YOUKNOW are the authorised resellers of Domo in Sub-Saharan Africa. Domo is an operating system for your data-driven business. It is able to collect, combine and transform data from multiple data sources to enable strategic insights for business solutions.
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