Boost your email campaigns performance with authentic User-Generated-Content.


It is no surprise that email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools that marketers have at their disposal. In a recent survey published by Ascend2 – 2017 Digital Marketing plans survey, email marketing placed second at 52% as being the most cost-effective marketing channel, with websites leading the way at 63 %.


Email marketing is a great way to re-engage past customers, inspire repeat purchases and acquire new leads. However, there is nothing more frustrating than low engagement rates and click-throughs, worse yet unsubscribes.


With email marketing holding such great potential to connect with customers, inspire repeat purchases and generate new leads, marketers need to ensure personalized and engaging user experiences.


How do you ensure personalised and engaging user experiences within your email campaigns?


To do this email needs to not only be personalised and relevant but also fresh and engaging and authentic User-Generated-Content is the answer, all made possible by Stackla.


On average Stackla customers experience an 8% increase in email click-through rates by featuring UGC in their email marketing campaigns and the more creative your campaign the better the results.


Have a look at Stackla’s blog on 5 ways to boost your email campaigns with User-Generated-Content, where they provide useful tips and tricks on leveraging UGC within your email campaigns.


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