Balancing exceptional customer experiences and online security.


The customer’s buying journey is comprised of many parts that must work together to create a unified consumer experience, which ultimately fosters brand loyalty and drives brand growth. Today, the security of transactions and overall data privacy is a critical component to the customer experience and business communication strategy.


But how do you create a seamless personalised customer experience without breaching security laws?


By leveraging technologies that provide seamless, secure experiences within a safe environment, companies are still able to foster customer relationships and brand loyalty without violating consumer trust.

Traditionally companies have viewed security as a hindrance to business growth but finding the balance is the key to driving success. Online customers would happily divulge additional information with the knowledge and assurance that their information is protected.

Have a look at the full article here on “Optimizing the Customer Journey: Security and Customer Experience’ – Silvio Kutic CEO, Infobip 

What does this mean for tech, big data and digital marketers?

Compliance needs to become a way of life, with heavy fines and penalties attached to those that feel they are above the law.

Put simply, marketers need to ensure:

  • Explicit privacy notices and transparency about the collection of personal information – what information is being collected as well as where and why it is being used or shared.
  • Offer active opt-in’s asking for authorising to collect personal information.
  • Establishing comprehensive and clear internal social media policies to inform all staff about GDPR compliance and laws.

**Marketers must also be aware that most major social sites are already in compliance or in the process of establishing compliance with GDPR laws.




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