Lithium Announces the Ability to Publish to Instagram Directly From Mobile or Desktop

Marketers have all experienced the headache of having to plan, schedule and publish posts on to Instagram. It‘s always required picking up a mobile phone and publishing from there, while you were able to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts from your scheduling tool of choice. Far too much admin if you ask me!

Those days are over!

Lithium Social Media Management now supports publishing to Instagram as a direct social integration for customers. Marketers will now be able to schedule, approve, and publish their visual posts alongside other channel content via mobile or desktop. These new capabilities leverage existing workflows to streamline and simplify the work for marketers.


Lithium Social Media Management combines powerful publishing and response capabilities for marketing and customer service. Lithium’s social publishing offers a smarter way for teams to work together to engage customers across the most popular and impactful social channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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