YOUKNOW partners with Global Influencer Marketing Technology platform, Webfluential.

YOUKNOW have been appointed as the official resellers of the Influencer Marketing technology platform, Webfluential as of early 2018. Webfluential is a global leader in influencer marketing software, and the first technology to supply and provide a transactional exchange for sponsored content.

Webfluential has an extensive global audience reach of 850 million people, through some 25,000 influencers globally with over 8,000 brands currently using the platform, brands such as Adidas, Jaguar, Microsoft, KFC and Coca-Cola to name a few.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has been around for many years and traditionally brands would partner with Celebrities, Sports personalities and Leaders within specialised fields to promote and ultimately sell their products and brands. With the rise of social media,  influencer marketing has taken on a whole new ball game where influencers are no longer celebrities or public figures but social media thought leaders across various channels with huge targeted followers and specific knowledge bases.

Research shows that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, 81% trust content on blogs and 71% of consumers are likely to make a purchase based on social referrals. Influencer marketing, therefore, if done correctly (especially within a social sphere) provides social proof, drive’s brand awareness and builds credibility – providing maximum ROI for the funds spent.

What does Webfluential do?

Webfluential is an omni-channel technology platform that connects marketers to top influencers and influencers to brands. By creating a marketplace to source, transact, execute and report on content created by influencers, brands see sustained engagement and a drive to purchase intent. Influencers benefit by having a single place to manage their influence metrics, campaigns and secured payments.

How does Webfluential assist Marketers, agencies and brands?

Webfluential allows marketers, brands and agencies to run fully white labelled software to build networks of authenticated influencers, search for relevant influencers through audience targeting to market their brand or product, collaborate and share ideas with influencers as well as securely book, plan and effectively measure influencer campaigns.

Webfluential influencer searchWebfluential screen

Webfluential influencer matching

How does Webfluential assist Digital Creators and Influencers?

Reciprocally the platform assists influencers by allowing them to build their own media kits, create and send quotes, collaborate on briefs, pitch ideas to brands and track growth, engagement and performance of their promoted content.

Webfluential quotesWebfluential Collaborate

Case study:

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing, have a look at the following case study from McCain.

By selecting targeted influencers to promote their products,  McCains reached an audience over 240 000 people,  engaged with over 7 500 people and reached over 12 500 people via YouTube and Blogs posts all advocated by influencers in various fields.


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YOUKNOW is the Sub-Saharan African partner to Crimson Hexagon, Lithium Technologies, Stackla and Domo, global leaders in Social Media Insights, Engagement, Social CRM, User Generated Content and Business Intelligence.



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