Game of Thrones totally eclipsed.

Over the last 48 hours two major social media events took place and by using Crimson Hexagon we were able to take an in-depth look at the global reactions and conversations being expressed regarding the #Solareclipse2017 and #GameOfThrones season 7

Americans across the country took to the streets and stadiums, sporting protective glasses, to witness the total solar eclipse visible across the entire USA from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic coasts. The eclipse turned day into night for approximately two minutes visible in 113 km wide 4,000 km long zone across the US.

Similarly, Game of Throne season 7 episode 6 aired Sunday 20th August and shocked loyal ‘thronies’ with the Night King killing Daenerys’s dragon with his spectacular ice spear and then dragging Viserion out of the frozen depths of the lake only to resurrect him, leaving fans wondering if Viserion would now become an Ice Dragon?

Our findings:

Share of voice:

Over the last 48 hours share of voice indicated that the solar eclipse took center stage dominating the conversation with over 85% social mentions leaving Game of Thrones with only 15% of the conversation.

Share of voice comparison from 2017-08-20 to 2017-08-22

Post Volume:

When investigating volume, the solar eclipse had a total of 13 Million social mentions while Game of Thrones only earned 2.3 Million mentions.

Volume trend comparison from 2017-08-20 to 2017-08-22

Emotion analysis – Game of Thrones:

When looking at emotion, sadness and anger took center stage with 11% of the conversation expressing their sadness and 3% anger over Viserion’s death and as well as the season drawing to an end with only one episode remaining.

Emotion analysis trend from 2017-08-20 to 2017-08-22

Emotion analysis trend GOT

Tweet_GOT all

Joy peaked at 7% with many expressing their joy at Jon Snow and Daenery’s impending relationship.

tweet 1_GOT Joy

Emotion analysis: Solar eclipse

When investigating the solar eclipse, the predominant emotion experienced was joy at 21% followed closely by fear (4%) anger (4%) and sadness (4%).

Emotion analysis trend Solar eclipse (2)

Emotion analysis trend Solar eclipse

Joy reactions: Solar eclipse

Tweet 1_solar eclips joyTweet 2_solar eclips joy

Sadness reactions: Solar eclipse

Tweet 1_solar eclips sadTweet 2_solar eclips sad

Anger and Fear reactions: solar eclipse

Tweet 1_solar eclips angerTweet 1_solar eclips fear

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