YOUKNOW named as Stackla reseller in Africa – win with User Generated Content

YOUKNOW is proud to announce that we’ve added Stackla to our incredible suite of products. Stackla has named YOUKNOW as a reseller in the African market, which perfectly complements the work we’ve done with Lithium and Crimson Hexagon in the region over the last few years.


The way people communicate and experience brands are bringing about a major change in the digital and social landscape. Word of mouth marketing through friends and family is even stronger as purchasing decisions are driven by peer review and validation. Brand-centric messaging is no longer making the cut and people are demanding fresh and highly personalized experiences.

This phenomenon provides marketers with an opportunity to leverage social sharing by accessing and showcasing visual customer stories. By harnessing and showcasing these stories, brands are able to connect with customers in a more authentic and personalised manner.

Stackla was built to assist marketers with the overwhelming task of finding and curating customer-generated content at enterprise scale. It allows companies to sift through the billions of posts out there on the social web, identify the most compelling stories in real-time and showcase them throughout all aspects of their marketing.

Stackla leverages the customer data existing in targeting technologies (CRM, CMS, ad-tech) to create the right experience, for the right customer at the right time – truly delivering upon the promise of personalization.

The platform’s machine learning and predictive intelligence capabilities ensure that optimal publishing decisions are made in real-time, while workflow automation tools save marketing teams time and money.

Stackla is built for scale and designed for simplicity within four easy steps brands are able to deliver content that is personalized and easily shareable.

Discover: From the simplicity of hashtags to the sophistication of geotargeting, the most powerful content discovery tools are at your disposal backed by 25+ content sources.

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Curate: Powerful tools like image recognition, location, language and sentiment analysis help you sort, manage, and classify your content.

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Engage: Put user-generated content to work in every marketing channel for more engaging websites, impactful advertising, better emails and live experiences.

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Analyze: Powerful reporting gives you real-time insights into your brand advocates and enables you to analyze and optimize your content discovery and publication.

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With Stackla, marketers have access to:

  • Intuitive interfaces, which allows for quick implementation and adoption across teams.
  • Real-time dashboards which provide marketing teams with powerful insights to drive business decisions.
  • A powerful and flexible API platform and plugin directory, enabling integration into any marketing technology or channel.
  • Technology partnerships with enterprise marketing platforms like Sitecore, AdRoll, and Twitter.
  • Machine learning and predictive intelligence capabilities to ensure optimal publishing decisions are made in real-time.
  • Workflow automation, which saves marketing teams time and money.

Over 450 leading brands use Stackla to identify their most powerful customer stories and align them with their key audiences. Some of Stackla’s customers include global brands such as McDonald’s, Visa, Lenovo, Universal Music Group and much more.

For more information or for a free demo on Stackla, contact

YOUKNOW is the Sub-Saharan African partner to Crimson Hexagon, Lithium Technologies, Stackla and Domo; global leaders in Social Media Insights, Engagement, Social CRM, User Generated Content and Business Intelligence.

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