Go beyond text analysis with Crimson Hexagon’s Image Analytics.

Crimsons Hexagon’s new image analytics feature now allows marketers to collect and analyse visual conversations about any topic, brand or product.

With more than 1.8 billion photos being shared on social media the shift towards analysing visual social conversations becomes even more apparent. As visual conversations continue to grow, it is vitally important that companies include images into their social listening strategies to get a better understanding of how, when and where their brands or products are being consumed.

Through image and text analysis, marketers can generate more accurate results and track the true volume of social mentions with or without specific tags.

What are the advantages to both text and visual insights on social media?

  • Images are universal and do not require translation, making image analysis extremely useful to global strategies.
  • Looking at a more complete data set – being both image and text based, businesses can more effectively incorporate social insights into decision-making.
  • Images can tell a completely different story than text mentions (Example: Text-based analysis of conversation around Disney’s Frozen, shows the audience as adults in their 30’s. Image analysis of the same conversation shows the movie’s true audience: children.)

Crimson’s Image analytics allows you to:

  • TRACK VISUAL MENTIONS – allowing users to track and understand brand health, quickly identifying product defects, customer churn and misuse of logos.
  • IDENTIFY MOMENTS OF CONSUMPTION – Use photos to validate how, when, and where people are using your products and uncover new campaign opportunities based on product usage.
  • GET GLOBAL AUDIENCE INSIGHTS –Through social data identify areas for expansion and remove the language barriers for analyzing global consumer trends through image analysis.
  • MEASURE SPONSORSHIP ROI – Measure and understand the true value of sports and event sponsorships by using logo tracking to see the number of photos shared that include your branding.

Image analysis is available on both the Buzz and Opinion monitors in Crimson Hexagon’s Forsight platform and over 60 Million pages are collected and indexed daily from Instagram and Twitter.

How does image analysis work?

When running a search query on a brand in Crimson’s Forsight platform, image analysis allows marketers to investigate where their logos are being consumed and showcased within objects, scenes, and actions.

Below is an example of the global brand “Adidas”

Image analysis allows marketers to gauge what actions are taking place, where the Adidas logo is present i.e. 2.35% singing, 1.43% racing, and 1.36% cheering.

Actions Adidas_master















Image analysis also picks up scenes that the logo may be displayed in i.e. 7.54% Football Matches and 2.98% News Conferences. 

Scene_Adidas master













Marketers are also able to gauge which objects appear with the logo, i.e. 43.33% Football players, 37% general people wearing the brand, 22.86% people displaying branded Adidas sportswear and Fashion.

Adidas_objects master














For more information of for a free demo on Crimson Hexagon, contact theteam@youknow.co.za.

YOUKNOW is the African partner to Crimson Hexagon, Lithium Technologies, Stackla and Domo, global leaders in Social Media Insights, Engagement, Social CRM, User Generated Content and Business Intelligence.

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