OUTsurance video sparks outrage.

OUTsurance made headlines this weekend by publishing a video for Father’s day on Twitter and Facebook which was not representative of South Africa’s demographics. The video featured mostly white dads and one black father.

The advert landed the company in hot water, where the public took to Twitter and slated the insurer for their ‘racist’ advert, threatening to cancel their policies.

OUTsurance has since retracted the video and made a public apology, blaming a junior employee for the oversight.

Through Crimson Hexagon we uncovered the following:

The conversation peaked around 3pm on Fathers day after the advert was aired with approximately 31 000 mentions of the insurer. Of that 23% negative sentiment is noted, with current and potential customers indicating an intent to churn.


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When looking at emotions 26% of mentions expressed some form of disgust, sadness or anger towards the insurer.

It is noted that the 16.5% joy indicator related to topics around Fathers day and a sarcastic public voice over the insurers apology.

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Key conversation topics revolved around how advertising within the insurance industry remains wholly problematic and that this is not a singular occurrence within advertising in general. Topics also indicate a distrust in the insurers apology and excuse of a mere oversight.

Topics from 2017-06-18 to 2017-06-19

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